The way the world goes – Rene Guenon on The End

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4 Responses

  1. Merry Apocalypse!

  2. Peter says:

    Someone (a priest) said about the future something like this:
    If you don’t know or are confused about what’s in store for you, what’s coming or what are the results.. it will be “disgusting” – all of it and exceedingly 360 degrees anything and everything.

    You can meditate on that. Will it be funny, or a maybe a grand joke? no

  3. Peter says:

    Sir I find myself some what baffled by your crypto Aristotelian ramblings. You have no references of any kind. I take it you are aware of” The Battle of the Books. ” I’m afraid your side lost as history has shown. Your man Rene was steeped in ancient writings of various religions and philosophy. From the pre Socratics , to Plato and Aristotle constitute the beginnings of Western thought. These thinkers were the first to try to understand the nature of life and reality. ( they were aristocrats with the time.) Mainly because the women and the slaves supported their musings. You allude to wisdom and higher forms of knowledge, but never wheel them out into the light of day. I doubt yourself or these writings would stand the test up against a decent classics or history of ideas professional. This stuff is being dredged up and being cherry picked by the likes of Steve Bannon and Stormfront the a l t right website who do actually give the game away in a comment at the end of the piece. Yer man Rene lived through the demise of the purely materialist Newtonian World. I am surprised such vaunted scholar had nothing to say on such an earthquake in man’s understanding of the universe. I assume you are aware of the (non local effect) ? Information must travel faster than light regardless of distance.! The current belief in physics concerning the infinite worlds theory. This and many more exciting ideas abound in science. There was no ancient equivalents to modern evidence and data based empirically grounded, repeatable science . We are alive at the most amazing period of mankind’s existence but it’s touch and go because some folk, a large right wing usually rich usually some kind of religious factions i.e. Hungary ,Poland ,Turkey to name a few are mired in the nostalgia of a bygone authoritarian past. It can’t be backwards into the future. Pining for old certainties and believing the writings of late Bronze Age war God have any real relevance beyond one’s own personal concerns, “Liberal Democracy is not perfect but it’s better than all the rest” Winston Churchill Toodle pip peter

    • Malić says:

      I suggest you read the “Reign of the Quantity”. And if you want to comment on this site, I don’t mind being insulted (as in me “rambling”), but then you have to offer something worth reading and not an incoherent, rambling, comment.

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