True Lies

As we have seen in the case of Croatian President’s statements, there is an equitation mark between truth and the lie which is – and this is novelty – made explicitly visible, and, if we observe this phenomenon on higher level – the same applies to geopolitical actions: everybody knows, and everybody knows that everybody knows, that Tureky serves as transit country for terrorist’s oil transactions, yet, nobody questions the NATO unity in waging war on terrorists. This is the point: the war against terror is a war for terror. If reader cannot see this point because it is in fact point-less, we make no objections. The logic of Euro-Atlantic bloc is logic of chaos – true lie, perpetual clash of irreconcilable opposites taken as an end in itself.

Recently, „interested public“ of Croatia and, presumably, „significantly less interested public“ of the rest of the world, were provided with statements about results of the so-called Brdo-Brijuni Process Summit in Zagreb, Croatia, whose hosts were Croatian and Slovenian Presidents Kolinda Grabar Kitarovic and Borut Pahor, while special guest star was American Vice-president Joe Biden. Before we offer our analysis of significance and purpose of this meeting which is, in stark contrast to statements given to media by participants, in no way meant for public to figure out, let us have a look at the “narrative” Croatian President offered:

“From Zagreb, as leaders, we sent a strong message that we can do more and should do more, building further on this dialogue and cooperation at all levels. I believe that we just solemnly pledged ourselves to mutual strategic vision of Europe which is whole, free and at peace and which is not complete without South-East Europe. Consolidating Europe will be possible only if EU is to encompass South-East Europe. Croatia and Slovenia will retain a role of strong advocates of all states of Brdo-Brijuni Pocess.” (source)

Now, we ask the reader to bracket everything save the bolded text, ponder for a moment, and then to ask himself: what exactly is the Europe “whole, free and at peace”? At first sight, we are dealing with standard diplomatic formula, dug out from the pile of semantic products of Euro-Atlantic bloc, which inhabitants of this geopolitical entity wouldn’t take seriously, and with full right. However, that is only partly true. Namely, it is doubtless correct to assume that paroles of globalists are not shallow and empty of content by mere accident. This property provides them with the opportunity to be injected with completely opposite meaning of what they declare on face value. Thus, if the reader should conjecture that “Europe, whole, free and at peace” simultaneously means “Europe, partitioned, enslaved and at war”, the undersigned would heartily agree. The flipside of the coin, however, is the fact that this formula is not a random invention but quotation from concrete feasibility study for the project named “Completing Europe – From the North-South Corridor to Energy, Transportation, and Telecommunications Union“ (source, further: CE). If this title rings the bell for Croatian reader, it is because Grabar-Kitarovic is ever since august trying to accustom the nation to the idea of so called Baltic-Black Sea-Adriatic Initiative, presenting it as her own baby, a geopolitical idea that just popped out of her head, just as Athena popped out from the head of Zeus. Here’s what she had to say about this in the aftermath of Zagreb summit:

 “It is an initiative which I personaly incited. I presented the connecting of Baltic, Black Sea and Adriatic Sea to Joe Biden and he expressed support to the idea. When EU was expanding, it was about connecting East and West, and it is in our interest to connect further, for instance, to connect LNG terminal on Island of Krk with Poland, in order to accomplish energy self-sufficiency, which is the factor in the independence of our country. American Vice-president also affirmed that no one should blackmail anyone with energy. Besides, the obligation of politician is to lower the prices and contribute to growth of living standard.” (source)

Farsightedness of Croatian President is nothing short of astonishing. We say this, because – what a coincidence! – the CE project is perfectly congruent, in all it’s main points and missed points, with her idea, and, lo and behold, feasibility study we are referring to was printed in November of 2014., by Atlantic Council at address: 1030 15th Street, NW, (12. floor), Washington, USA.

When things seem to fit together so neatly, one is tempted to believe that old self-help parole “if you have a good idea, the whole world will conspire for you to realize it”. However, the undersigned, as a natural pessimist, doesn’t believe neither what women nor self-help manuals say, so we’ll offer what we consider a more realistic interpretation of this coincidence. So we won’t chose to believe that Grabar-Kitarovic presented astonished bwana Joe, on the margins of September’s UN summit, with initiative, which he “expressed support” for, and that she simultaneously figured out that “no one should blackmail anyone with energy”. Instead, we’ll maliciously assume that Croatian President is nothing more than gubernator of Euro-Atlantic bloc for Croatia and, potentially, it’s neighborhood, deliberately fooling the public and, in accordance with terms of her service, provides it with acceptable form to assimilate the message from the masters about their place in nascent Euro-Atlantic super state, suggesting them their duties in the new geopolitical remodeling of Europe, the process in which the actual peoples of the continent will have no say.

The CE study is a product of joint labors of Atlantic Council and Central Europe Energy Partners , drafted by the team lead by Ian Brzezinski and David Korany. The aim of a project is defined as Europe that is whole, free, and at peace and explained thusly:

„The Atlantic Council and Central Europe Energy Partners decided to undertake “The Completion of Europe—From the North South Corridor to Energy, Transportation, and Telecommunications Union” to highlight a critical element in the process of addressing those weaknesses and completing Europe: infrastructure development across Central Europe in the energy, transportation, and telecommunications sectors. As an integrated set of energy, transportation, and digital links spanning from the Baltic to the Adriatic and Black Seas, the North-South Corridor is the starting point to the creation of a single European market, a cornerstone to the vision of a united Europe.“ (CE, 5)

Again, let us concentrate on bolded text and ask ourselves a question: isn’t the united Europe already a reality? Europeans have this idea being shoved down their throats for years, and now we see that even the cornerstone has yet to be laid. How come? Well, it’s obvious. The authors of CE are talking about “completing Europe”, providing us with one more proof that from the outset it was an entity conceived to be infinitely reconstructed – even simultaneously deconstructed, and, as it seems, that it will never be a concrete structure, but more likely a postmodern geopolitical chimera, in a way, by it’s inappropriateness for definition, not unlike Middle Eastern geopolitical specter named “Islamic State”. Be that as it may, CE project is meant for “policymakers at national and regional levels in the European Union, policymakers in the United States, and decision-makers in the business sector.“(ibid.) Therefore, let us repeat: we are not talking about European but Euro-Atlantic project which, additionally, has to „initiate the next phase of completing Europe. The North-South Corridor must be a top priority for the European Union and its Member States, as well as the transatlantic community.“ (CE, 9) Let us notice in passing that these words were undersigned by two project supervisors, retired US Army General James Jones, CEO of Jones Group International and Paweł Olechnowicz, Chairman of the Board and CEO of LOTOS group, therefore, as we, the average simpletons, would say: two entrepreneurs, of which the first is an ex soldier of non-European country and former National Security Adviser to President Obama, while, apparently in his spare time, he presides over Brent Scowcroft Center on International Security think tank of Atlantic Council. So it is a public-private partnership where at least one half of “private” has both his feet in the area of high level Government institutions and corporate business across the Atlantic. Of course, revitalizing of energy procurement, transportation and digitalization of communications, intentionally being left underdeveloped by late Soviet Union, is not a bad idea at all, but we must interject with the question: why now? The answer is more than obvious:

“The need to reanimate North-South Corridor has been given further urgency by the escalating tensions between Moscow and Europe – with special regard to Russian invasion of Ukraine (…)” (CE, 9)

An informed reader could be prone to wave off Russian invasion of Ukraine, but that would be a crucial mistake. Proving to someone that there was no invasion is pointless, because, for NATO planners – and Euro-Atlantic bloc now appears to be nothing but NATO itself, as unifying body of USA and EU, to be morphed, in the future, into one unified political entity – it certainly did happen. It happened in the same sense the NATO is waging war on terror, while it’s member state facilitates terrorist’s oil trade on it’s territory, as well as providing them with logistical support, while at the same time it attacks military assets of the country not fighting the terrorists precisely because it really attacks them in accordance with invitation of legal President of Syria. If the reader assumes that now the undersigned just took a little slide into irony, he is dead wrong. This is literary the way in which Euro-Atlantic bloc sees things and it is an essence of the message of Croatian President – it is a message containing intrinsic contradiction to be interiorized, gestated in public sub-conscience and then disseminated further. In this sense, we can’t just plainly state that Grabar Kitarovic is lying to public. She is simply offering truth as a lie, while intimately convinced in it’s falseness as a truthfulness, or truthfulness of it’s falseness. She knows as a fact that by insisting upon the change of region’s label from “West Balkans” to “South-East Europe” she accomplished only the change in terminology by which Euro-Atlantic bloc describes it’s pawn in theater of war – and theater is, apparently, the whole world; she knows that, by making Croatia a “leader in the region” she is accepting an assignment of her county to a pivotal role in consolidating the nascent totalitarian super state in it’s Balkan region segment – spitting, in this way, on the graves of all those who died in the nineties, and providing the Serbian undertaker-President Tomislav Nikolic full right to make fun of her and her people: after all, she should know that unrest in Montenegro incited by it’s fast track into NATO membership, means, for all the peoples in the region, only that alive and kicking Greater Serbia nationalism just got provided with a shot of “moral capital” to finance new myths and new germs of wars, to be cultivated by ideologues of Heavenly People; finally, she knows that war against terror is in fact a war for terror, organized, financed and supported by Euro-Atlantic bloc.

So Baltic-Black Sea-Adriatic Sea initiative is nothing but a sanitary corridor to isolate European states from Russia, their, for better or for worse, natural neighbor, and completely interlock Europe and USA. In any case, we are only few signatures away from that geopolitical communion:

„Promoting the corridor is an important way for Washington to demonstrate continued commitment to peace and prosperity in Europe, particularly Central Europe. The corridor will also provide critical nodes to maximize benefits flowing from prospective energy trade liberalization in the context of the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) treaty currently being negotiated by Brussels and Washington.“ (CE, 2)

Isn’t it utterly cynical then, when Grabar Kitarovic describes bwana Joe’s visit in this way:

“The dialogue was dynamic and substantial – we have to stop thinking in the terms what is expected of Croatia. Biden came at our own invitation, we included him in the Brdo-Brijuni process. We have to have a foreign policy which is substantial and brings prosperity to South-East Europe. We ourselves must, by our own devices, incite initiative such as this – South-Eastern Europe is to be discussed here, not somewhere else.”

To those who, despite easily verifiable facts, really believe that Croatian President honestly thinks what she said in bolded imperative, congratulations. Postmodern conformism is not that of petty bourgeoisie – it is, literary, an ability to split one’s own mind in two, which is more or less what Grabar-Kitarovic does: a moment of discarding any kind of sovereignty or autonomy is being expressed in the terms of decisive decision for liberty and self-reliance. And this is a level of delusion not just anyone can achieve. There were times when people were born lunatics, now this state is being achieved by hard work, sacrifices and difficult decisions. So let us decode this true lie: Croatian President dutifully obeys the orders of her employers and constructs the story in which she (you go, girrrrrrl!) confronted bedazzled Yenks with an idea of North-South Corridor, got home, invited their representative and solemnly decided that it’s time for Croatia to finally take responsibility for it’s own fate. However, it’s plain to see that she did complete opposite, with the added value of transferring the responsibility for everything, symbolically and materially, on people of the region and Croatia in particular. Her true lie consists in declaring complete renunciation of even the illusion of independence for Croatia.

However, the Corridor was not the only subject discussed at the Summit. As Grabar-Kitarovic informed the public, there were also issues of Montenegro’s ascension to NATO membership and threat of “radicalization” of Bosnian Muslims. Well, at this point the undersigned has to apologize, but when he hears the expression “radicalization” he interprets it as “being consequent”, whence stems the conclusion that terrorism is in fact a consequent explication of the essence of Islam. However, that’s not true, and it is just another true lie of Euro-Atlantic bloc which is incidentally the most reliable and trustworthy defender and facilitator of Islamic branded terrorism in the world. Reader should ask himself, how can Croatia lecture Bosnia and Herzegovina in accordance to American lecture notes, when we know that some of the “attackers” implicated in 13. November Paris mayhem where citizens of vibrant, multicultural Bruxelles, the very seat of NATO? Do you not notice how concentration of terrorist population grows proportionally with the nearness of their place of residence to some kind of NATO related facility? Does it mean, then, by analogy that soon Croatia – being obviously marked as a NATO vanguard on Balkans – could expect some kind of terrorist spectacle on it’s own or neighboring soil? You know … just to consolidate the ranks.

We won’t speculate on this further. Suffice it, in conclusion, to exercise some standard Kali Tribune conjuring, i.e. to provide analysis of trends which we find probable.

In the first place, we can expect strengthening of Croatian role in “war on terror” which means: more proactive aid to Euro-Atlantic bloc in providing logistics for all stars team of lunatics in the Middle East. This puts Croatia, in you humble analyst’s opinion, as close as it can get to what we might call “wrong side of history”, in fairly Hegelian terms. Namely, in contradiction to State Department’s fortune teller Francis Fukuyama, history obviously displays no signs of ending. In addition, if we observe the actions of Euro-Atlantic bloc, beginning roughly with Ukraine crisis, all geopolitical moves of the Wise Men of the West produced only counter effects of what was intended, to the extent that their re-imagined feindbild Russia is almost being divinized across the broad spectrum of independent media. However, reason for this lies in a simple fact that Russian resistance to the West pushes NATO to remove the veil hiding it’s face for decades, inch by inch every day. By this we don’t affirm that Putin led Russia is sanctuary of freedom and justice. It is solely a unified geopolitical entity conducting it’s foreign policy according to principles of logic, i.e. principle of identity (a=a), exclusion of third term (a=b or non-b) and non-contradiction (a is not non-a). In this sense, even by mere geopolitical inertia, Russia proves to be a factor of stability when it is juxtaposed against an attempt of full spectrum dominance, therefore the active principle of Euro-Atlantic bloc, which is such that it progressively denies the principles of traditional logic and puts forward this negation as a guideline of it’s geopolitical actions. As we have seen in the case of Croatian President’s statements, there is an equitation mark between truth and the lie which is – and this is novelty – made explicitly visible, and, if we observe this phenomenon on higher level – the same applies to geopolitical actions: everybody knows, and everybody knows that everybody knows, that Turkey serves as transit country for terrorist’s oil transactions, yet, nobody questions the NATO unity in waging war on terrorists. This is the point: the war against terror is a war for terror. If reader cannot see this point because it is in fact point-less, we make no objections. The logic of Euro-Atlantic bloc is logic of chaos – true lie, perpetual clash of irreconcilable opposites taken as an end in itself. In this sense the key role is played by so called “immigrant crisis”, the subject, as we are informed, that was not widely discussed in Zagreb. However, there were some fleeting remarks about Croatia as an “example of good practice” in integrating the Muslim population. As we know that number of Croatian citizens of Muslim faith lingers around hefty number of 2%, someone could rightly object that this is more a matter of demographic invisibility than successful integration. But that’s beside the point. Which brings us to second possible trend we already disscussed on Kali Tribune.

Namely, the “immigrant crisis” is an artificially induced demographic attack on Europe, whose real purpose is amplifying the chaos effect caused by spectacle of terrorist attacks. We should keep in mind the words of American Political Scientist Kelly Greenhill, who argues that demographic shift can serve as a weapon of indirect coercion and we affirm that “refugee waves” flowing from Turkey are precisely this. Namely, Greenhill argues that consistent policy of late Moamer Gadafi towards Europe was blackmail of European states with potential waves of immigrants from Africa he kept in check, and his, now often quoted, statement about unavoidable chaos which will ensue if he is removed from power, should in fact be taken as his desperate last gamble, clinging to usual, and fairly logical, European propensity to pay him money for keeping the immigrants at bay. And now, for some reason, the EU renounced the principle of political action by which no geopolitical subject can hold uncontrolled wave of immigrants as something beneficial, but through Angela Merkel had practically invited the whole Middle East on arbeit in Germany. We propose that it is a deliberate policy, fairly in keeping with Euro-Atlantic bloc’s chaos logic, which, through simultaneous media representation of “terrorist” and “immigrant” crises, incites perpetual tension and, consequently, the rise of irreconcilable political options of Far Left and Far Right. Bearing in mind that this is a whole research subject in itself, we’ll only note the role Croatia will play in the future. As it is realistic to expect the Western countries to eventually close their borders, this country will inevitably become sanctuary for still unforeseeable number of refugees. Furthermore, we witness perpetual expressions of “concern” about “radicalization” of Muslims in Bosna and Herzegovina and it is only fair to assume that Croatia, as a “leader in the region”, as well as it’s neighboring country, will possibly become another synthetic incubator, or even theater, of terrorism, to serve as an example to others in coping with these “problems”. It is in no way necessary that real terrorists are recruited from refugee or Bosnian population, but first and foremost to create their media image. And, as is obvious from experience of last 14 years, in the postmodern world the image very soon hatches the appropriate reality. Of course, Euro-Atlantic bloc will not decrease, but only increase the intensity of terrorist attacks and/or their media representation, as well as it will increase the intensity of immigrant wave and/or it’s media representation. More active role of USA in South-East Europe could very well mean the acceleration of these processes in this part of the world, while the “leadership role” of Croatia is something hardly to be envied on.

In conclusion: Kolinda Grabar-Kitarovic provided us with lecture about “true lie” as a principle of political action, and someone who has no wish to fool himself about “independence” is now provided with good example of the way the nascent Euro-Atlantic State will communicate orders to it’s far-off provinces. From now on it is obvious that to call it’s gubernators and procurators “Presidents” is just another true lie – a lie one should consciously accept as truth.

Who knows, all things considered, perhaps the current pope will give moral justification to this upside down turning of the world and proclaim:

“The lie shall set you free!”

Branko Malić

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