Coronation of Democracy pt.1

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2 Responses

  1. Ismail Chan says:

    Great work. The strength of all our rooting in Principle is revealed most clearly in this situation. Religious and secular, institutional and individual. This is both in terms of good and bad, those actually keeping their heads and principles are also made more clear, at least for those with eyes to see. COVID19 as the ultimate hypocrisy level litmus test.

  2. Ismail Chan says:

    For the same case made for strength of an individual and people’s character stemming from organic community, living Tradition and secure home roots. this documentary is very good:

    It makes sense the West can’t keep it’s roots in Principle, for Principle demands consistency. If it is still ripping up the roots of other cultures, religions and ways of life without any shame, it will be unable to stop others (or itself) doing the same to it.

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