Don’t mess with Hegel

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  1. L Pirotta says:

    Very nice — I came across this while researching the abuse and bastardization of ideas from phenomenology for the purpose of eroding human values and social coherence. This is a great short article which rightfully corrects the misuse of Hegel. It’s really funny also. I’m glad you stated that dialectics itself is not a method of planning. In fact, I think if more Americans understood the basic concept of a dialectics, maybe we wouldn’t be such an obtuse and misled society. We might even employ the concept to actually solve a problem or two. Imagine that. Anyway — although they might be bandying Hegel’s name around, don’t be too hard on the truth community. Some truth types may not be very well-read. But neither are the “liars” – of whom we have an overabundance. (Most people in the U.S. get their ideas from internet videos…not from reading Hegel or independently thinking about something.)

    • Malić says:

      Thanks. I agree about “truthers” being mostly decent and not seldom insightful people. Trouble is, however, that they sink head on in the tide of information while thinking they are ascending in knowledge. I am more and more inclined to think that information overload is worse than ignorance.

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