Faking It: #Fakenews, MSM and Alt Media

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  1. E.o.P says:

    Thanks Branko, for pointing to the utter ghastliness of that particular “N” word; “liberated” from its proper context of fictional dream weaving, the trickster is not only in the Mayor’s office, he’s moonlighting as the interview squad and the gonzo “speakers to power” whether right or left. I began to gain a sense that this new alt-media wasn’t *for* me shortly after the election; I can’t stomach the level of irony required to listen to someone assure me of their independence and “skepticism of the establishment” when they attempt to convince the listener that our decaying secularist rulers are in possession of any kind of spiritual depth, even of the darkest sort. That’s not to say occult politics , as KT illustrates, don’t exist. But even bank-by-night crypto-Rosicrucians have to exist in the real world, where the narrative that most accurately reflects this state is Michael Moorcock’s: Myriad factions struggling for their own ends, always challenging the Center of individual and social reality to hold fast.

    “Strands of alien DNA unfurl themselves in our brains, just as tapeworms unful themselves in our guts”- W.S.B

  2. English James says:

    Well made points, great article.
    I would add that so called Alt-media content is nearly 100% reaction to MSM , so in order for a true ‘new media’ to exist it will have to ignore the MSM completely and come from a pure cast of non biased or ideological sources and do this on a scale that can encompass global events in a 24 hour cycle and on multiple global platforms. Basically replace the BBC. Good luck alt~media…..

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