Feeding of the Troll: Virtual Reality and Terrorism

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  1. Han Fei says:

    To say that the matter of beings springs out of chaos and nonbeing in a form modulated by the false premise of causality reaches “deeper” than the common discourse, but it is still thoroughly rooted in what essentially strikes me as a subjective opinion regarding the nature of the “complement” of our sensory experience. What these people are saying is brought about by such unconditioned acts is analogous to banging on a piano keyboard and expecting a melody to emerge. The melody that springs forth from the hands of a skilled piano player, who plays entirely intuitively, relying on muscle memory and his own innate judgment, in a manner of speaking, could also be said to emerge from no prior presence, and yet what a world of difference is it to a disordered cacophony of noise?

    With regards to this murderer and his moronic scrivening, I do not consider it healthy to the mind to discuss it at any length whatsoever. It is like dwelling on a piece of shit someone left behind on the side of the road. Unfortunately I must say the intellectual standard of the average redpilled millenial is not much higher. Our only concern here is whether these endless spree killings we hear about in the media are a sinister indicator of something worse coming in the future.

    On a lighter note (or perhaps not), having been a longtime observer, I can’t help but bring up the similarity of what you wrote here and certain running themes from the Warhammer universe. Accelerating the destruction of the hated “boomer” world and all its moral norms, strikes me as very similar to the ideology employed by the Chaos Space Marines and their various associated cults in their perpetual struggle against organized humankind. And it goes without saying that the massive folklore surrounding that setting played a role in shaping the conscious outlook of many young people, comparable to the romanticism of prior generations.

    • Malić says:

      I would go with (or perhaps not) option ha, ha.

    • anonymous says:

      Han Fei you may be interested in what Bryan Ansell (managing director of Games workshop 1985-1991ish and tabletop game designer) had to say about the name of one of the ‘chaos gods’ from the setting.
      He said “As [Nurgle’s] been around for a very long time his attributes have changed back and forth over the years. I’m sure he’s extremely pleased that we are still thinking of him. Perhaps with all this attention we might eventually conjure up a physical manifestation” in an interview in 2013 for a blogsite -http://realmofchaos80s.blogspot.com/2013/02/the-mighty-avenger-interview-with-bryan.html. (around halfway through).
      Admittedly that was in a joking sense, but its odd still.

  2. Cartman says:

    I don’t recall you ever discussing Baudrillard’s ideas which would perhaps have some resonance in this case. I would be interested in your view of his writings. They seem to have something worthwhile in them unlike most postmodern theorists.

    • Malić says:

      Would have to re-read him. Generally, the trajectory of KT is not to prefer the critique of the bad over the affirmation of good, so he is low on the philosophers-to-interpret list.

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