Hegel, Marx and Sustainable Development: A Study in Incompatible, Pt.1

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  1. Ivan Karamazov says:

    Very interesting point about German philosophy being about freedom vs necessity. I would say that’s true for most of philosophy after Descartes.

    Hegel’s end of history is truly a sign of how close man was coming to self-deification without divorcing himself from the Christian eschatology he’s basing this on. A gross and vulgar worldview in my opinion. Whereas, Nietzsche was able to divorce himself from Christianity and produce a secular humanist figure that is able to become a deity by transvaluing all values.

    This is why Schopenhauer will always be superior to Hegel. His philosophy was still grounded in truth where man is not regarded as a deity able to control history, but is rather regarded as a part of the creation subject to forces beyond his control.

    On a side note, a comic on the topic of Schopenhauer vs Hegel.


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