Hell Comes to Frogtown: Alt Right and Triumph of Transhumanism

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  1. Excellent analysis as ever Branko.

  2. Chet Gut says:

    Very helpful. Thank you.

  3. Mihai says:

    I admit that I dabbled with stuff like chaos-magick and the eristic anti-logic in my post modern days, but not then nor until very recently did I imagine that this imbecility will actually become mainstream. Even within occultist circles it generally seen as belonging to the trash can of the occult world.

    Well, post-modernity always offers quite a lot of surprises…

  4. Vatroslav says:

    Jako zanimljivo.

  5. Vladimir from Moscow says:

    Thank you for exellent article. Also, I am very glad to see that the idea of Trump election is not a “conservative turn” but next step into Great Parody is not my personal paranoid guess.
    As a former mr.Dugin’s strong follower (after all, he is brought Guenon writings and strict orthodoxy Traditionalism to the russian-speaking world in the 90s , which was a revelation for many people), I am very confused with his euphoric Trump support.
    Always declare himself as a orthodox Christian, Dugin, being a religion scholar, is familiar to the Crowleanism and other subversive, “contr-initiatic” quasi-magical beliefs , so, I cannot understand his blindness in that case. Maybe he is think that he could finally “ride the tiger” in Evolaist sense…
    Sure, Trump is a seductive and deceptive temptation for all of us, who decline the principles of “Modern World”… and, which is worse, I cannot see reasonable and clear public alternatives to this figure in the contemporary political spectre.
    Well, the truth is that really “nothing is true”, and we need to deal with it in our personal lives.

  6. Old Ez says:

    I feel compelled to point out that the very first line in your story is a falsehood. Spencer did not hail Trump with a “Roman Salute” but with a raised whiskey glass. This is my first encounter with your site after reading your letter in Culture Wars and I am very disappointed that for going out of my way I was rewarded with a bald-faced lie in the very first sentence. The rest of the article is only obliquely relevant and is essentially way off base.

    When it comes down to it, all creation of concepts, words and ideas (and everything influence by them, including empirical perception) is “chaos magic” in the author’s sense – the question does not revolve around the “imagining” – all meanings are ultimately “imagined” – the question lies in how close those imaginings approximate to the Logos of things as they actually are, regardless of anyone’s will.

    The author’s attempt to connect “chaos magik” or “anti-logic” to the Alt Right in a formal or literal sense comes off as extremely austistic to anyone who actually knows what the Alt Right is – as opposed to people watching from the sidelines or trying to catch up with us. Everyone uses memes – including the Medieval Catholic Church – the point is which memes are a more accurate reflection of Logos? In the modern world, undoubtedly the Alt Right’s memes are superior to everyone’s, including the currently-illegitimate hierarchy occupying the Church.

    All the stuff about “transhumanism” is obviously a preoccupation and personal boogie man of the author and he merely projects it on to the Alt Right; because the Alt Right is “bad” and transhumanism is “bad” (granted, btw), the Alt-Right must be transhumanist. QED? The author does not understand the Alt Right, perhaps due to his own pre-existing ideological commitments or perhaps merely due to sincere misunderstanding, but I will commend him on one score: at least he doesn’t attack the Alt Right for being racistnazisexistbigotkkk. Rather, he attacks us on the basis of our ostensible philosophy. Now, it’s not actually our philosophy – it’s just the author’s misunderstood interpretation of our philosophy(s) – but that is a whole lot better than just being called irrational bigots. Overall, kudos to the author for trying to understand us, even if he falls way short. Get rid of that first sentence though; in the most charitable interpretation, it is the sloppiest kind of journalism/misinforation; in a more harsh interpretation it is an outright lie that the author has consciously chosen to adopt because it suits prejudices. Watch the video. There was, alas, no “Roman Salute” from Richard Spencer.

    • Malić says:

      “The rest of the article is only obliquely relevant and is essentially way off base.”

      Why such large comment then? And to rectify polite yet undue approval, Alt Right is racist and post-Nazi movement. I’m keeping the first sentence. I know Spencer will prove me right sooner than later.

      • Old Ez says:

        It’s more of a “racist and contemporary-Nazi” movement, tbh fam. But with the truth on our side, it doesn’t much matter what you call us so, as you please.

  7. Alice True says:

    I am new to your work having googled ‘alt right posthumanism’. Your analysis is beautifully written and stunningly insightful. I rarely find these issues treated with the intellectual seriousness and honesty you have shown here. Many thanks.

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