Irish Troubles 2.0: A Discussion With Deirdre of Luminar Podcast

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  1. Han Fei says:

    If you go on the road again, I’d welcome you to make a stop in our fair Canada. Although I’d like to offer a word of advice if I may. If you do come here, and regardless where you choose to stay, do get to know Native Americans, their ways, beliefs and culture, preferably from a first hand source. Because I strongly hold that if one is to get a picture of America that can be truly said to have an integral cultural meaning, it would have to come from the eyes of its original inhabitants.

    Otherwise the experience can leave you unnecessarily jarred and with a rather unfair impression, in a similar sense that seemed to have been imparted on you in Ireland,

    You clearly grasp the cultural paradigm of Eastern Europe, aka the Mystical Russia east of Oder. You have by this point already more or less “cracked” the typology of the modern Western man. Therefore there’s probably no need to waste time to really dig into the nature of more of the same as you progress through “Western” societies. But there is something in America that is almost entirely forgotten, something hanging on by a sliver, but yet still there – and that is the legacy enshrined in its native inhabitants, the real Americans.

    Perhaps these “pagan” peoples come from a world that is separated from our “civilized white society” by an inseparable gulf of time, heredity and history. Or perhaps what may be shocking to us is that this gulf is not as wide or as we might think, and like in that Indiana Jones movie, there is a solid bridge that can be crossed, provided one dares to step through the abyss.

    • Ante says:

      Heh, I wouldn’t hold you for a noble savage admirer.

      • Han Fei says:

        You’re almost right, I’m neither an admirer, nor of noble descent. But I happen to originate be from those who can be called “savages”, though from the other side of the world.

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