LGBTIQ and the Logic of the Cuckoo’s Egg

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3 Responses

  1. Robber Chih says:

    Fantastic article. Thanks.

    Amor sui.

  2. At the risk of making a mischievous hash out of sound conservative thought–I think what Burke wrote about the purpose of democratic government finding it’s best and highest use in the protection of minorities would apply to both the queers and some of their more erstwhile opponents in traditional societies. I rely on Burke more than other thinkers in this matter because of his experience with bitter factions who were ready to dissolve all of both English and Irish society in holy wars after England’s Glorious Revolution.

    Also, what you’ve written doesn’t quite capture the fact that Americans don’t think this much.
    We are pragmatists by long habit.

    “The American often makes his worship –of immediate luxury– with a smirk. He can take it or leave it. The European never was Warren Earp . But the European, he believes…. the Yankee practices what he preaches.” – A Bigger Kirk Than I

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