Liminalist Interview: Forms of the Underworld (pt.2)

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  1. Han Fei says:

    I observed the alt-right movement develop on places like 4chan since the very beginning. I very strongly contend that it originally arose out of a desire to demonstrate how “fucked up” a typical /b/tard could get. In the same vein he absorbed and elicited certain unspoken counter-cultural trends his parents and society would have disapproved, such as assuming the most radical positions on politics, absolute moral nihilism, might as right, culture of mockery, organized trolling of online communities, pedophilia laced anime, warhammer 40k etc. The influence of the latter is particularly telling, in particularly to this notion of Galactic Imperium and invocation of chaotic powers as being popularized exactly by this franchise.

    But you know as someone once said “if you pretend to be idiots long enough, you will eventually find yourself in the midst of actual idiots”.

    I would not deny that I considered myself at one point partial to the idea of the existence of such a movement. As I told you before, in Western societies we tend to have a particularly acute feeling of a certain something “breathing down our necks”, that is perhaps not apparent to someone who lives in remote Eastern Europe society still a bit culturally inoculated from this kind of experience.

    To be redpilled is essentially to assume this view of Jewry taken as a whole to mean some kind of metaphysical menace. I think what makes one essentially a good alt-right, as opposed to a “cucked” one, is to what extent one hates the Jews. The more so, the more orthodox will you be seen by your peers in the movement.

    I won’t deny that I certainly don’t have a positive view of Jews myself (or more precisely Jewish identitarian movements, such as Zionism), considering their inordinate influence to the revolutionary movements in the past century. Although of course the events are far too complex to point to a clear cut identity between Judaism and Bolshevism, especially on, what is fashionable to propose, an ethnic level. And of course nowadays it can be hardly disputed that many critical decisions that America makes on a geopolitical level, for example the Jerusalem embassy move and its hostility to Russia, is done at the behest of the Jewish lobby rather than national interests.

    But this is all besides the point, because as someone who admittedly is outside of the “white” cultural ethnosphere, it is simply inconceivable to me to base this hatred on the identification of individuals with the characteristics their heredity is said to inherently possess. History is the greatest vaccine against this kind of thinking, because in every society, in every period, you see the same ethnic conflicts unfolding over and over, with the message always remaining unequivocal in every case, unless you happen to be an absolute moron not to see it. These conflicts always tear society apart, and happen to be a symptom of an underlying decline. Thus my point being made about antisemitism surfacing at the threshold between the dusk of a distinctly Christian civilization and the rise of secular materialist state.

  2. Karloff says:

    Very interesting discussion. I would urge you Branko, and your readers, to listen to this interview, which gets to the heart of the rot afflicting the West. I believe it to be historically important.

    Part 1 –
    Part 2 –

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