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  1. Cartman says:

    Narcissicism and nihilism are the two impressions that I took away from the spectacle of the riots. I guess those two attitudes are induced and reinforced by technology. I think Baudrillard estimated the emerging situation more accurately than others in relation to vituality.

  2. Han Fei says:

    I do not particularly mind the fact that Kali Tribune is to avoid discussing matters of the day. This kind of task can be relegated to other web sources that specialize in delivering this type of independent investigative journalism, such as for example James Corbett. In fact I quite appreciate that this website tries to step back from the current chain of events to focus on the bigger picture. As far as I can tell, very, very few other places on the internet try to do this and many of them are of a highly dubious nature.

    However it must be admitted that it is far easier for me to comment on daily events such as the ones discussed here, than it is on lofty philosophical matters of which I have a very poor grasp. Just because I do not leave a lengthy, sonorous comment on every lecture series podcast however, does not mean that I do not try to keep up with them as best as I can, since I see them as dealing with far more important subjects than the one discussed here.

    With regards to the contemporary chain of events, I shall say the following. The word “deep state” is a very misleading one. Not a lot of people seem to quite understand what it means or where it applies. I think to those who lived in post-Soviet influenced countries, especially East Germany, Romania and the USSR, this term resonates in a particularly strong manner. This is because in those states, the general public was strictly divorced from the actual ideology and political ambitions of the elite class. Due to absence of a mass market media, it was essentially kept in the dark about what the latter was planning or thinking. This is compounded by the fact that in each of these societies, there existed a state within a state that thought and acted in a completely different way from the officially visible public institutions. In many cases their planned goals became apparent only at the last moment.

    In Western, “liberal” societies, everything is different. The United States for instance, was expressly founded on the premise that the government apparatus was subject to private interest. In other words, behind all the lofty sounding republican rhetoric of the Constitution and Federalist Papers and the like, the cold, naked truth was that the founding principle of that society favored an occulted oligarchy. That is why when we talk about the Western deep states, what exactly do we mean? For example the army and the police are not obligated to protect the civilian – their pledge of loyalty is essentially to the government and its property, and by extension, to those who are in command of it, that is to say, the oligarchical, semi-feudal ruling class which controls the media, academia and all major industrial and financial sectors. Consequently, the people are led to believe that they partake in the non-existent democratic process or the non-existent system of free economic exchange, whereas in truth, what they do is partake in the political-economic system established by these ruling elites. Hence it can be said that in the West, the social mores, ideological values and “ontological moods” of the ruling elite are so prevalent throughout the breadth of the mass spectrum that to even be considered a legitimate member of American society one has to participate in their charade (or carnival of masks) one way or another, without exception.

    The corollary aspect of this is that no “sovereign state”, national political economy, or for that matter, a system of statecraft as understood in its traditional sense, exists anywhere in the West. The sad fact is that due to American global hegemony, this state of affairs is so prevalent throughout the world nowadays, that the average person who happens to read this comment won’t even be able to tell the difference. This is how deeply the mentality of the so called elites is rooted in mass consciousness.

    All this talk about “Black Lives Matter” is quite laughable. The reason why it has nothing to do with matters of actual significance is not only because a black person in the United States is more likely to die from constipation than from police violence, but also because the ruling establishment isn’t going to loosen the grip over an agency which is an extension of their own material power, unless it has something planned in mind. Therefore it is impossible to view these riots and protests as a “naturally” occurring event in the grassroots sense, as if anything ever is these days. Besides, are we seriously to believe that a government that could keep the masses confined to their homes in fake terror for weeks is incapable or unwilling to deal with a handful of overentitled protesters? Whenever a genuine ideological challenge presents itself to the ruling establishment, the US government moves in to crush it with absolute brutality, with the media in tow like a yapping little mongrel, as we have witnessed many times in the past. And we can expect nothing less from it.

    This leads to my next point. The average person nowadays, essentially processes information in a way that is similar to an ideologically indoctrinated member of a red terror squad in the 1920’s. We are told daily, by mass media and social network apparatus, to ignore rational argument and calm discussion in favor of appeals to emotion and sloganeering that delineates friend from foe. The level of public discourse in so called liberal societies has degraded to the level of 3rd grade schoolchildren, perhaps even lower. A recently spammed tweet from some empowered woman of color stated: “You are either a racist or an anti-racist. No betweens.”. Essentially what it means is that either you share in this media induced masochistic frenzy, or you are marked to be an enemy to be destroyed.

    This is the end product of the mass engineered society where the opinions of the public have been reduced to a marketed commodity to be molded and shaped by handlers well versed in the psychological techniques of mass indoctrination. While it is difficult to manipulate a human being directly on a one-on-one basis, it is very easy to manipulate him when the sense of rationality is either suspended or as is the case in most blacks, absent to begin with. If you have any doubts that what I’m describing here isn’t concretely brought into reality on a daily basis by intel agencies, big tech companies and shadowy public relations firms, then I would recommend becoming acquainted with Michael Aquino’s “work” which essentially lays out a program of informational warfare he developed that targets the domestic population as an opposing force.

    Finally in conclusion, with regards as to how a Catholic/Orthodox, or indeed any person who values tradition, should respond to these alchemical alterations of the visible social order, Fr. Stephen Freeman has posted a series of articles on ancient faith radio that deal with this very issue. I won’t link to them directly, but a simple search engine query would be enough to get you there. I think they are beyond excellent and provide a very solid foundation on how one can persevere, at least on a spiritual-intellectual level, during these trying times.

    • Malić says:

      Your absence gave rise to wildest speculations until it was agreed upon that most probable scenario was you perished in the streets of Hong Kong, defying the mandate of Heaven, i.e. CCP final take over.

      • Han Fei says:

        If we are to consider this to be some sort of comparison to events that happened in the distant past, then I don’t see how my username’s original holder would stand up to it. Perhaps you are confusing me with some sort of Koei character?

        The reality is far more dull – I simply didn’t have time or particular inclination to leave a comment.

        • Malić says:

          Been reading “The Romance of Three Kingdoms” and got mildely infected with its vocabulary, applying it left and right with total abandon.

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