Meditations Upon Emergent Occasions: In Dialogue with Jasun Horsley pt. 2

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  1. Mihai says:

    That’s quite a Branko Malić in that picture there…

  2. Ante says:

    I chuckled a bit when you started saying how you get the feeling that influence of Fabian Society is exaggerated and then the guy drops the “I had a socialist elite molesting grandfather” bomb.

  3. Mihai says:

    Overall I liked the guy.
    In the first podcast I hat at the beginning the impression that he’s about to fall asleep talking, but I realized that’s just the way he talks.

    The downside is his lack of a study of classical sources- meaning ancient and medieval philosophy- and theology for that matter.
    Even so, he does get many things right through simple intuition, though he displays lack of discernment in some essential things- when for example he puts authentic spirituality and satanism in the same bucket of will to power.
    It is good he is not one of those “reject everything except my skepticism” skeptics…

    • Malić says:

      You know, I don’t see this lack as a downside, more like the upside, of this conversation because it really shows that you can come from completely different directions and have a fruitful dialogue. Jasun seem to me more of an artistic mindset and in my experience too much classics and nitpicking about concepts tend to stifle the intuition such people rely upon.

      • Ante says:

        This was your best conversation yet that I heard, lack of study or not Jasun was your highest quality dialogue partner by far. Makes falling out with the Boiler Room crowd look as something that should have come much earlier. 😛

  4. Silent says:

    This part of your dialogue was even more interesting than the first one, and well worthy of a second listening some time. Bravo!

    Too many intriguing points for me to address now.

    One of you mentioned the connection between MKUltra traumatisation and the emergence of the “alien abduction” phenomenon. May I ask what is your take on the “alien” and “UFO” phenomenon in general?

    The Sufi and intellectual heir of Guénon, Schuon et al, Charles Upton, has made a useful contribution to understanding this problem in his short book ‘Cracks in the Great Wall: UFOs and Traditional Metaphysics’, as well as in chapters from ‘The System of Antichrist’ and ‘Vectors of the Counter-Initiation’. The latter chapter may be read here:

    Here’s a podcast as well:

    Maybe you could arrange a conversation/dialogue with Mr. Upton about various subjects, Mr. Malić? He would probably accept the invitation.

    • Malić says:

      I’m aware of Upton’s take on the subject and find it compelling. Only, I’m not really interested in UFOs so I haven’t given it that much thought. I intend to do some interviews in the future, so maybe we could talk.

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