Prolegomena to Any Future Satanism: Order of the Nine Angles and Supremacy of the Fringe pt. 2

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  1. Wahid says:

    You nailed here:

    “… this standpoint demonstrates the most extreme pitfall of Modernity; an attitude which hates it so much because it is unable to see any good, beauty and truth of Being in it, that it affirms its worst excess. It is in this sense consequently hyper-modern, affirming that only human being exists and then trying to transcend this by digging below its foundation, dissolving it into nothingness which it, when observed in isolation, really is.

    I beg the reader to excuse my “Nazarene” prejudice, but there’s no escape from the conclusion that the only way to eradicate the order of cosmos and its Author – because this is what it boils down to in the end – is to dig your own grave in the metaphysical mud called primal matter…”

    • Malić says:

      It is a principle that really cuts across the broad spectrum of people and ideologies. Note the comment of that professor I quoted. Btw my former philosophy mentor knew Von Hermann, Freiburg emeritus and Heidegger’s student with whom Dugin did an interview. She used to talk about him and Heideggerians in Freiburg as if they’re some kind of sect, distinctively Nazi oriented. She did her masters degree there with the thesis which is more or less the book sized development of the passage you quoted. No wonder she ended up teaching in Croatia, despite suma cum laude record, ha, ha.

  2. Silent says:

    Thanks for continuing this line of inquiry. I am looking forwards to the next article in the series.

    While the various contemporary expressions of the LHP are conditioned by Modernity, the latter is itself conditioned by the satanic forces whence the inspiration and direction came. So the circle closes, and the snake bites its tail. Guénon’s conclusion that this yuga will end in an unveiling of its satanic identity is thus perfectly logical.

    • Malić says:

      I think that the core issue is hatred towards the modern world. This is where all of this comes from, because precisely from hatred – from being unconditionally “against” – there comes to the fore the worst aspect of Modernity. Inability to see anything of value in one’s own time and place means the unconditional rejection of the power of God, because it relies on assumption that he “made a mistake” and/or that he is absent. And, of course, the gnostic then goes forward rectifying the “mistake”. Rectifying the God’s mistakes or declaring him absent and then going about invoking the Judgment Day to bring him into existence is probably one of the better ways to court disaster.

    • Silent says:

      In actuality the “black star” of the “prince of this world” has long been radiating from the centre of worldly power; this darkness doesn’t have to move from fringe to centre as it already occupies the centre… What it desires is such a deep entrenchment of its power that its enthronement can be unveiled for all to see. It will be the final unmasking of the true identity of the ugly path humanity has been ‘progressively’ led down for a long time. At that point of revelation everyone will be forced to make a conscious and absolute choice: yes or no—either complete acceptance of the evil identity or complete renounciation and self-sacrifice.

      By the way, it is clear from my reading of O9A material that it is essentially not about the promethean elevation of the human person or individuality at all, which it’s talk of ‘individuation’ and so on might seem to imply at first sight, but that the entire ‘philosophical’ system is geared towards the cunning seduction of human individuals in order to have them possessed and effectively taken over by these demonic entities (“dark gods”), whose agenda is the source of this magical covenant itself, rather than David Myatt as an individualistic ‘philosopher’ with a personal agenda. Much of the teaching as presented exoterically to non-initiates is thus no more than upaya or ‘skilful means’ (if I’m permitted to appropriate the Buddhist term) to get people hooked so that the demons will have their incarnate vehicles to exploit. Some of the O9A fiction outlines very explicitly how it is a matter of a demonic infection being spread through the empowered transmission from a possessed initiate to another human vessel. The terrible truth is that the “new, more evolved individual” is nothing more than a puppet of these satanic beings.

      While the particular form of the O9A philosophy and path hardly represents an ancient traditional continuity (although Myatt may possibly have known secretive individuals who did in some way), the “ancient ones” who undoubtedly function as its non-human masters have been in contact with counter-initiates through various channels and streams from a remote past. It is not so much the external attributes of a ‘tradition’ that matter here.

      • Silent says:

        I posted my last comment before I had read your reply. I do see that there is an important point you bring forward there. To me it is not modernity in itself that is the problem, but how humanity as a collective, and thus each and every one of us to varying degrees, has increasingly turned away from God and allowed the Darkness creep in through the unguarded door. I most certainly do not see God as absent, quite the opposite; I hope you wasn’t referring to me, for then you misread my position.

        • Silent says:

          I see much of value still in our times, being whatever remains of the human heart and love of Reality and Truth. Indeed I see as our only duty to recover the true human heart with love and compassion for our fellow men and absolutely dedicate our lives to the selfless service of God. That’s the only way we contribute to saving a humanity that is in dire danger of succumbing to darkness and evil. But I reject any self-will and realize that humanity ultimately is in the hands of God and depend on His Will, not the relative power of satan (which is certainly actual on that relative level of the world) or the titanic efforts of men.

          • Silent says:

            Paradoxically, the ability to see God everywhere, which is the ultimate, ever-present Reality, also makes the shadow appear precisely as shadow. By seeing the Truth, you also see what is a negation of the Truth. You can see God as the essence of Creation and at the same time see the satanic overshadowing—not of Creation as such—but of the fallen ego externalised as corruption of the world, now in the most contingent and ‘illusory’ sense.

        • Malić says:

          I was referring to the likes of Myatt, of course. No worries.

  3. Malić says:

    For those who want to observe how one and the same non-being can change into its opposite, I would suggest comparing the Heideggerian text from 1980. I quoted with what Myatt now calls “pathei mathos” (apologies for dubbing him an accomplished philologist in an answer to one comment on part 1. From what I saw here, he’s anything but.):πάθει-μάθος/

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