Prolegomena to Any Future Satanism: Order of the Nine Angles and Supremacy of the Fringe pt.3

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  1. Mihai says:

    “If you happen to see someone trying to kiss his own ass from the nine angles at the same time, don’t bother listening to what he has to say.”

    Beautiful conclusion!

  2. Coco C. says:

    One thing, not directly related to this session, but maybe more to the previous ones, namely, this idea that you refer quite often about “new begining(s)” as somewhat/something opposed to Tradition, metaphysical principle etc.
    As I am not expert, just cannot avoid noticing that there is many references eg. in *New* Testament about new things, new heaven and earth to come, Jesus giving *new* order etc. Clearly Jesus wanted to stress that with Him something new is about to happen or come, or has become. Somehow, it is hard to avoid conclusion that e.g. Judaism in such view then better “preserved” the Tradition, while Christianity, which originated by Christ himself diverted from the Tradition.
    Perhaps this is too ambitious topic to be addressed through just comments and probably I put it in simplistic terms, anyway, someone who hears your exposition on new beginnings might wonder what is meant by that as I do..

    • Malić says:

      The palingenesis myth is a leit motive of this post-Nazi current. The most simple difference in relation to Christ is: “you don’t know the day and the hour” claim of Glad Tidings. This kind of call for humility is absolutely absent from revolutionary ideologies, among which I subsume such doctrines as LHP, especially in Dugin’s usage. Moreover, they’re in fact attempts to lay claim to God’s work, i.e. bringing about, or at least speeding up, the “apocalypse” by inciting chaos out of which, supposedly, the new world will emerge.
      Regarding Judaism, Jesus is pretty explicit as coming “not to revoke the Law, but to fulfill it.” This is, of course, just a preliminary answer to something very profound that requires much more to be said and me knowing much more than I intuit right now. But, as I said, the urge to speed up the end of the world is the calling card of this O9A or neo-
      Eurasianist nihilism.

  3. Sincere commenter says:

    Interesting how this treatment of the ONA never goes beyond the surface while pretending it reached a deeper level. Self-delusion in the face of challenges too great to face is quite common.
    Lost in the labyrinth of the ONA, too.

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