Re-enchantment of the World: The State of Amnesia, Part 3

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  1. Ivan Karamazov says:

    I also believe conversion through some sort of calculus is not only superficial, but deeply nihilistic. This person is likely to convert to another religion if it scores higher than the current one does.

    “Tradition always adapts to the various challenges arising in different times and different places.” This took me quite a few years to understand. This is the reason why I shudder at all these movements attempting to restore the “Golden Age” of their civilization, this is not only a hopeless endeavor, but it’s also deeply anti-traditional.

    With regard to asceticism, it’s astonishing how by simply trying to live an anti-bourgeois life in the West forces one into near extreme asceticism, which consequently results in developing resentment towards the world as Dostoevsky’s Underground man does. I haven’t been able to come to grips with an antidote to this beyond accepting the situation for what it is.

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