Running on Empty: Nihilism of Contemporary Workplace

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  1. zaharoff says:

    Whatever insights you might provide, you always soil them by your rampant Jesuitism…
    You cannot have mysticism until you remove the programming of religious dogma. Mysticism aka hermeticism is the exploration of the Axioms aka universal laws that exist outside the corpse that is the dying anti-natural abrahamic traditions. Every year fewer and fewer people continue to be programmed by religious belief and every year fewer and fewer practice these dying beliefs yet mysticism/hermeticism/the old aryan ways continue to resurface on as more and more of our people become spiritual and learn the universal laws.

  2. Ante says:

    Looking forward to podcasts with Mihai. It was long overdue, you know!

  3. Mihai says:

    That remark of living under the cupboards- regarding the predicament of today’s working environment- is very interesting. I never thought of it as such, but I think you are right.

    The ever increasing flow of time that a lot of people notice today is also caused by this very fact: namely, our daily lives are spent, to a great extent, doing activities that constitute a barrier towards any kind of interiority and hence towards any participation to a higher order, to what constitutes true life, true existence.

    As a consequence, we experience our days as empty intervals- which are pretty much interchangeable. This impeaches also on our attempts to make up for this during our “free time”, since how can a day spent under such conditions not have an overall effect on every aspect of our lives?
    So our days become increasingly empty and interchangeable, hence the shock which I experienced a year ago, when I couldn’t tell if a certain event happened during last year or the year before…

    In the end, we are in dire need of the virtue of patience during these times and an unwavering will to keep ourselves from falling into akedia and make the best out of a bad situation.

  4. John the Savage says:

    Thanks for an interesting discussion here and again with Mihai on when you dealt with the topic of work.

    The English phrase, ‘Jack of all trades, master of none’ sums up well the downside of the situation you identify as creeping into the contemporary workplace.

    I believe Marshall McLuhan also made as distinction between old-fashioned jobs (say, carpenter) which require a single skill-set, and roles (say, being a mother) which involve doing a whole range of tasks. He also sees a general movement in society from jobs towards roles. I wish I had a quote to hand, but I think it’s probably from one of his lectures, which are readily available on Youtube.

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