A Serpent Oil Salesman: Alexander Dugin from Eastern Orthodox Perspective

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  1. Silent says:

    Dugin has done a thorough study of the oeuvre of Guénon. His conscious and willfull choice of Chaos over Logos is daunting in its full implications: it can only mean that he is well aware not only of his gross hypocrisy in professing himself to be an Orthodox Christian, but even of his identity with the forces of the ‘Counter-Initiation’ and the Great Parody of Tradition predicted by Guénon. Chaos vs Logos = Satan against Christ. Dugin, having studied precise metaphysicists like Guénon, should know better than to commit fundamental errors of inverted metaphysic, taking Chaos as the supreme principle. But it is obviously all too deliberate—and that makes him a conscious “agent of the counter-initiation.”

    Are there any indicators that Dugin may be an active associate of counter-initiatory orders today?

    • Malić says:

      Dugin, having studied precise metaphysicists like Guénon, should know better than to commit fundamental errors of inverted metaphysic

      Very discerning observation. Guenon can be difficult to understand but he is well nigh impossible to misunderstand once you are able to discern what he lays out before you. You can accept it or reject it, but you won’t be fooled about it’s real meaning.

      Are there any indicators that Dugin may be an active associate of counter-initiatory orders today?

      Not that I know of and certainly Luzhinski circle where he started his spiritual trajectory was nothing of a sort. I think he’s a “do it yourself” Satanist. However in this he shares many intellectual, but also strategic, principles with Western fringe Nazi-LHP groups in the West, some of which Mihai mentions in the text. Westerners networked in the Eighties and Nineties through zines and underground publishing and are now to be found in the alt right circles – at least some of the figureheads.

  2. Mihai says:

    Additionaly and in line with all said above, here is a comment I’ve read on a certain website, in an article supportive of Trump:

    “Is Trump a latter day Constantine?”

    This is extremely concerning. I’m not really worried about the kek worshippers and hordes of internet trolls, their deception is obvious to anyone. But I’m extremely worried when Christians and other traditionally-minded people adopt such messianic attitudes.

    People don’t seem to realize that the true forces of darkness don’t actually care for petty human dialectics of left vs right. For them anything is just fine, as long as it gets the job done.

    I am not advocating cynicism or a negative attitude towards everything. I am only saying that, especially in this era of internet and mass deception techniques, one should be extremely prudent towards everything.
    Believe me, you lose nothing by not adhering to a political figure that actually proves itself good because you were over-skeptical. But you lose everything if you jump head-first into deception.

    • Malić says:

      “Is Trump a latter day Constantine?”

      The answer:

      I think that’s a big stretch but we can always continue with prayers and optimism.

      These are not Catholic and/or Orthodox talking. These are two Protestant sectarians. So there’s nothing surprising there.

    • Curious says:

      How would you describe constantine?

  3. Chaos says:

    More drivel from a sad loser…

    • Malić says:


      Interesting email address. Btw. the term “loser” wouldn’t offend anyone out of US.

    • Millimeternich says:

      The Orange Duce is honey trap-compromised puppet of The Beardling.

      It is you who have the problem.

      Good luck with that.

    • Silent says:

      To “lose” is relative. Many “winners” in the world have lost their souls; many “losers” have won it. Sometimes you have to lose everything to be free.

  4. Akira says:

    You know, we say that your liberalism is the abomination, that it must be absolutely destroyed, that your satanic consumerism is the worship of Moloch, and all you register is a chaos symbol?

    We want to raze your whole shopping mall abomination to the ground and you are upset by some Heideggerian ontology?

    Just wait, the final act will be here soon enough and I promise it will be dramatic!

    Old Azathoth is kicking up quite a tune for the final spectacle, hosted live by Palmer Eldritch as he smirks at you from the oval office…

    • Mihai says:

      Mr Akira, are you Orthodox? Or Christian, at least?
      Than please explain to me how Dugin’s thought, which I quoted here, is compatible with Traditional Christian theology.

      If you’re not Christian, than your comments on this article are irrelevant.

  5. Malić says:

    Good luck with discerning green from red when crossing the street if you are mistaking Romanian Orthodox for a Liberal. On the other note, Akira I’m touched and you really should have told us: https://4threvolutionarywar.wordpress.com/2017/02/06/the-crisis-of-the-truther-world-akira/

  6. Ali says:

    I’ve recently found this gem of a website and been in love since then. especially, the essays regarding dugin’s worldview as you might not believe it but he is quite the stir maker in the central asia, southern caucasus and turkiye. unfortunately, the elites of these regions choose to side with dugin’s idealogy because of west’s domineering push of its “values” upon the rest.

    we are living in a materialistic world where the self is fed with countless left path thoughts and values since the moment we open our eyes to the world.

    nevertheless, i believe that at the end of the day, as individuals its up to us to choose and make the decisions that we ought to. it is said that abraham had seen the moon in the night sky and had decided that the star was the god. but upon dawn the moon disappeared from his sight. the sun appears which seemed much bigger than the moon and much brighter so abraham decides the sun must be the god. (the tribe which belonged were worshiping many idols at that time. ) however, he changes his decision once he saw the sun set at night time. afterwards, he says to his tribe that he would worship the one who created the sun, moon, stars and the plane that they lived in. i don’t remember the whole story as is so its a summary. in short, i want to tell that by nature human has the capability to distinguish right from wrong, truth from false if its within the will of the self(individual).
    moreover, we are living in an age where any kind of information is within a click away from us. i’ve known about dugin’s existence and influence for the last few years but never cared about his ideology. but, was it dugin who was responsible for lack of my knowledge or was it i who was ignorant one who didn’t want to learn about the man who has so much influence about the region that i live in?

    p.s: i dont want to criticize anyone or everyone so my criticism is upon my self.
    p.p.s: i won’t take your criticism of dugin at face value unless i read his works too 🙂

    • Malić says:

      Thank you for your kind words. I know that Dugin is active in the Central Asia, as everywhere else in the world, especially in Latin America and on Balkan, at least through proxies. By all means get acquainted with his works. If you have a critical eye, and even more so: if you are genuinely religious, you won’t need anyone’s help to see through him.

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