Silent Master: Political Correctness and Inner Submission

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  1. Han Fei says:

    In your video, when discussing the mafia hitman, you dropped a little politically correct disclaimer about the gays. Do you think anybody who watches this podcast gives a shit? I mean how many of your audience members do you expect to have such murderous intent towards gays that you find it necessary to make clear that you distance yourself from it?

    The root of the problem is that roughly speaking the boomer generation has internalized psychopathic slogans and modes of thought. We can talk about external propaganda to this effect, but there was no generation in history as self-absorbed and egotistic as the generation born in the 50’s and 60’s. Part of the success of political correctness stems from the fact that people want to feel good about themselves and feel like good people, without actually putting mental or, more specifically, fiduciary effort into accomplishing substantial deeds of worth. This made them easily susceptible to such slogans as “let’s bomb people to spread democracy”.

    I would not be surprised if as you say, the next generation embraces currently fashionable right wing sentiments once they get old enough to assume the reins of ruling institutions. Indeed, central to all this is the attracting element of antinomianism to all that is currently held to be sensible, especially expressed in the rebellious protest against the sacred cow of modernity, the question of race. However today’s racism is continuously fed by the utterly shameless opportunism of those who sought to latch on to groups victimized in the past in order to gain a paltry temporal advantage. And yes, you can read that past statement as being full of brackets.

    However, and this is the crucial point – nobody tends to become as conformist once they get a taste of power as the rebels of today. I’ve observed it with my very own eyes how the culture warriors of yesterday become the slavering shills of the very same forces they professed a craving to send to the much deserved gas chambers in the past. I seriously hope some of you guys realize that until you turn off the urban cosmopolitan sitcom in your mind, don’t expect to turn off the urban cosmopolitan sitcom prevalent in reality.

  2. Mihai says:

    That hitman’s disclaimer was truly something. “It’s worse than murder; it’s homophobia”.

    I think this is the best method: following the thread to the inner root.
    You have given here some food for thought: hidden connections being stronger than visible ones- this is what I tell people all the time vis-a-vis activism; the changing of the thought patterns, meta-political and meta-social causes etc.
    Also- how much can we attribute to social engineering?

    I won’t give any opinion about all this at this time, however, one thing continues to remain a mystery to me: the conformism of young people. The only way I can explain it is the general lack of culture and education that makes them blind to the fact that they are not rebels, but automaton-like conformists to the established order- order, did I say???

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