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From Immigrants to Migrants: Spell of Misspelling

What's the difference between immigrant and migrant? Well, for one thing, no one ever heard about birds immigration while birds migration is a quite natural phenomenon. In this podcast we point out subtle shifts of meaning, such as this, in the political terminology, symptomatic in sustainable development programmes, one of which is by now, for mostly the wrong reasons, notorious UN's Global Compact for Safe, Orderly and Regular Migrationabout to be presented for signing on behalf of UN member states on December, 11. in Morocco.

Agenda 21: An Introduction 0

Agenda 21: An Introduction

originalMain objection to Agenda 21 detractors is that they haven’t read it. To counter this, we present the analysis based on close reading of an entire document


UN Climate Deal: The Joke is on Us

The Paris Treaty is signed and is being ratified by UN member states, all the while anyone with any sense knows that whole "global warming" fuss was much a do 'bout nothing. However, are we really entitled to ridicule the globalist luminaries indulging in an orgy of self-congratulations?

Sustainable blues 0

Sustainable blues

Kali Tribune's Department of Broken Records and Doomsday Affairs got it's tentacles on newest iteration in the long line of UN's agendas to save the world on the brink of destruction. Meet Agenda 2030 and it's illustrious promoters: High Level Panel of Eminent Persons. Come along and sing some of that ole' sustainable blues with us.