The Invisible Empire: Introduction to Alexander Dugin’s “Foundations of Geopolitics”, pt. 2

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  1. Silent says:

    What do you make of the Marian revelation of Fatima among other things telling the Catholic Church to consecrate Russia to the Immaculate Heart? Has Dugin any take on the meaning of this?

    • Malić says:

      I believe in revelation but I don’t claim to understand it. I apologize, but what I think of it, I chose to keep to myself. Never heard Dugin speak about it, but as he considers Catholics to be vermin and Soviet Union as a legitimate expression of “Christ-bearing” destiny of Russia, I don’t think he would see any point to message of Fatima. However, some of his mentors had a lot to say about it but not in English:

      Abellio and Parvulesco

      Putin and the end times

      I suggest reading this because Dugin himself approves of author’s musings.

  2. To understand Duginism, Vladimir Karpets the man who was Dugin’s spiritual mentor into Edinoverie Old Believer Orthodoxy must be considered. Considers church reform of 1653-1666 a Papal attempt to demolish pure orthodoxy and get Russia to go on a crusade against the Turks. Karpets and Dugin support Lenin and Stalin as closer to the path to restore pre-1666 Raskol Schism Eurasian Russia over the Romanovs who persecuted the Old Belief.

    A good intro in Russian to Karpets thinking,

    • Malić says:

      There are few ways to approach Dugin and one of them is through his Western inspirations, which I take. The “pure Orthodoxy”, Russian messianism as Dugin’s inspiration, etc. are for various reasons not in the focus here. However, thank you for your note.

      • Neo-JacobitefromNY says:

        You’re welcome, Old Believer Russian Messianism is more hardcore and little studied. Wanted eternal war with West (catholic western europe/UK/US) and peace with Islamic world believing Russia is Third and final Rome totally, in contrast to mainstream Russian Messianism which was concentrated on liberating Constantinople and restoring Byzantine Empire.

  3. Vatroslav says:

    That is what I am talking about! Real KaliTribune quality! This type of text can not be find anywhere else!
    You nailed it in these two paragraphs:
    ” We will dwell on this some more later, but let us note in passing how Dugin’s absolute ideology completely eradicates all qualitative differences between religions, cultures and, more or less, everything else, submitting it all to the geopolitical imagination operating with absolutely simplistic quantitative operands of the Land vs. Sea duality.

    This is the “absolute idea” Dugin wants to see absorbing everything else in one conscious swoop across the planet, creating a world detached from its cultural diversity, not by liberal eradication of the same, but by replacing it with ideologically driven simulacra of Traditions, religions, cultures, etc.”
    Keep it up Branko!
    Fuck CNN! Fuck RT!

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