The Weight of the World: Metaphysical Origin of Seriousness

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  1. TohuwaBohu says:

    That was horrible! You are now openly mocking one of the best known saying of Jesus from Matthew 18 and 19. Like most of papists you seems to have this deep and maybe even subconscious dislike for Jesus. This hostility struck me for a first time when you reviled the idea of “radical new beginnings”- a Christian idea par excellence. And now this…

    I keep wondering what kind of force keeps a person with such a keen mind in orbit/ on a leash of this corrupt, laughable institution. I am afraid, that since you yourself are far from “orthodoxy” (You seems to believe in immortal soul, I bet that you don’t believe in bodily resurrection, you are more a Platonist that a Christian…..Epiphanius of Salamis would call you “an origenist”) than this “leash” must be of a more mundane nature…gothic churches? Flemish paintings? “eternal beauty of a Latin mass”? Am I right?

    And this notion of yours that as long as catholic church maintains “the Tradition-Amor-Re (pace be upon her)”, she can commit any crime she wants is to me not only abhorrent but a bit Manichean. But they are the only true disciples of Mani and his tantric, antinomian way of “salvation” after all. ”From the depths I have called You, O Lord” , you know. Their sexual crimes, murders, human sacrifices are the only true “holy traditions” of catholic church…and those crimes are ritualistic, systematic and purposeful!

    I am genuinely shocked by your podcast. I thought you would be able to transcend roman church and its trickeries but I was wrong.

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