Theosophism: Rene Guenon’s Cut at the Roots of Modern Pseudoreligions

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3 Responses

  1. Mihai says:

    Yes, a very good book, along with its (somewhat) follow-up one: The spiritist error (or fallacy as it is translated into English).

    When one analyses the ideas and the mental framework of most new-age/occultist groups down to our day, one can see clearly that almost all of them have some identifiable root in either theosophism (usually the more intellectual groups) or spiritism (usually the ones for the masses- which is new-age properly speaking).
    Of course, they have been, in the meantime, with some more recent conceptions and intellectual fashions (which is to say, they have been “updated”), yet the roots still remain visible.

  2. Dart says:

    Funny enough, Guénon’s “traditionalism” is itself a pseudo-religion.

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