When the Fringe Goes Marching In: How Anti-Establishment is the Establishment?

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  1. Mihai says:

    A very good podcast, on the other hand, though….

    …just kidding.

    Ok, now I understand a little better the direction you have taken these past 2 months. I was worried that you might be giving too much importance to a passing fad, about which we would not here anything more by the middle of this year.

    But, as it seems, there is this tendency which starts to develop. We don’t know how much it will develop, but it is there. Plus, taking into account the actually real rising power of extreme right groups in Western Europe (and not only), well the situation is truly volatile.

    • Malić says:

      A very good podcast, on the other hand, though….

      …just kidding.

      You got me with that one, believe it or not ha, ha.

      We’ll see what’s in store for us. Seeing all those supposedly intelligent and “awaken” people falling for dumbest tricks in the book, I cannot help but smell the power tickling subconscious mind and it seems that it’s form slowly emerges to the surface.

  2. Coco C. says:

    When I watched few years ago some lectures by historian Terry Boardman who is also exploring work of R. Steiner, about looming war with China I was thinking it is a bit over the top and didn´t have any feeling that it might become real anytime soon.
    However, watching recent AJ demonizing China´s “commie regime”, seeing some S. Banons statements and the whole rhetoric of new administration, I think that actual war is much closer than anyone could imagine.
    So, I would say, coming war “West- East” is a big clue in whole puzzle, something Steiner prophetically talked about 100 years ago. What needs to be recognized is that there are elites in connection with what can be rightfully called “occult politics” that are able to “see” and plan hundred and more years in advance.
    When that is understood then maybe it opens way to understand how phenomena of Matrix movie or whole initiation of a movement such as Conspy sites from 90-tih is possible. Namely, inevitable conclusion is that humanity in sphere of global events and politics have to count on dealing with in certain sense “superior intelligences” that are able to set trends that people simply get hooked upon when the time comes. That kind of masterpiece manipulation and perfect timing to get spirit of the time I think goes far beyond the ordinary. Fro instance Steiner mention that chiold storybook everyone read as a kid – Robinson Crusoe – is one such “influence” to form minds in certain direction. I would say that matrix is another such example, that was put in the midst of the conspirology stream that was destined to get momentum in a decades to come etc.

    • Malić says:

      Može li se nešto konkretno od Bordmana naći online?

    • Silent says:

      I largely agree with your thesis. If Lucifer’s ‘counter-initiation’ can predict the rise of certain forces at a given point in time due to changing cyclical conditions, they will attempt to divert those forces in a direction conducive to their interests. Let me show you an example, gentlemen. Certain Amerindian races had a long-standing tradition of prophecy listing various signs of the future that would indicate the imminent end of what they called “the fourth world” (paralleling the fourth yuga in various Eurasian traditions), whose destruction would give way to a new cycle of creation, “the fifth world”. One of these signs was that white youth would grow their hair long, like the Indians, and express interest in their traditions of wisdom. This prophecy apparently predated the arrival of the ‘hippie’ counter-culture by far. My supposition is that the impulse of the initial hippie generation might have crystallised into a more positive phenomenon for the western world, that the counter-initiates and their allies within the CIA foresaw this, and counteracted it by subverting any potential of a positive turn it might have taken by flooding this generation’s collective consciousness with LSD and all sorts of harmful and chaotic ideas.

      My conviction is that there, in spite of all confused theories abounding in this field, in fact exist a subtly cunning occult conspiracy of far-reaching global implications. During the present stage of the cycle, it might have been inevitable that a steadily rising number of people would become aware of it. By creating the “conspiracy sub-culture”, with guys like Icke and Jones, the adversary might once again divert certain forces into a web of their own contriving. But what do they hope to achieve?

      • Coco C. says:

        Yes, I think this idea of, sort of, “hijacking” the stream or an impulse entering a stream of…evolution (?) points to right direction of interpreting the dynamics. As TB mentions at some point in this video I shared, that is precisely what happens with all the attempts to thwart and distort rightful movement of development towards Slavic 6th postatlantean epoch. Certain lodges of course have such kind of knowledge and they work in direction of either supporting (in “white” case) it or hijacking it in toward what they see preferable direction (in less white case..). We cannot of course have direct “proofs” and “facts” as is popular today, to support such view, but observe symptoms and draw conclusions etc.

        • Silent says:

          For what it’s worth, I have a personal anecdote that is rather curious. The first time I learnt about David Icke was when a British intelligence operative who frequents alternative milieus handed me one of his books; something he apparently did routinely to people.

          • Malić says:

            Interestingly enough, my first contact with Icke’s book was through ex-USAID (Iraq, Kosovo) field manager, now proponent of Bosnian “pyramids”. I guess that would fit the “US intelligence label”.

  3. Coco C. says:

    Na YT ima dosta predavanja snimljenih samo utipkas ime, recimo ovaj je taj o Kini:
    Na njegovom sajtu su i clanci:

  4. isprobavan says:

    Zanimljive teme. Tehnički problem: može li se audio nekako downloadat bezinstaliranja novih podcast playera?

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