A perfect murder

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  1. Nicholas says:


    Since David Pearce received a passive mention, it would be interesting to know what you make of Negative Utilitarianism (consequently a sort of sentiocentric antinatalism) overall.

    A good, though lengthy and wordy, point of reference: http://antibullshitman.blogspot.fi/2014/09/utilitarian-infighting-eight-levels_28.html

    • Malić says:

      Thank you. Pearce merits more than a passive mention, but this was a long article anyway. As for -ism, it’s like any other -ism. It merits nothing.

  2. Nicholas says:

    Hey Malic, just revisited this article of yours and was constantly thinking of Nick Land throughout. Have you ever had the chance of reading him? He very well falls for the malignant technological post-humanism that by all means might drive creation into the endless void, but at least he’s honest about it and thinks it’s a damn good thing to boot.

    It’s crazy to think how someone like Land has become an intellectual figurehead in the past few years for many IT-geared nerds, considering how far he’s come from existing on the fringe of the fringe of humanities academia in the 90s. It’s tempting to even call him prophetic in that regard. The people who find his sort of cryptic cyber-anarchism, machinic hyper-rationalism’ and detrritorialized inhumanism seem to be increasing by the year, if my strolls through the oddest corners of twitterdom are anything to go by that is 😉 . I suppose we can blame the ever expanding face of the interweb, and how it’s deteritorializing, subverting and de-humanizing (or rather in-humanizing) potential are made more explicit by the year, as Land was predicting. Also the general expanse of the technosphere and the sciences, with the looming sense that ‘things will never be the same again’, that strand of apocalyptic, post-human thinking that even shows up in mainstream media nowadays (‘Are we all doomed to a Terminator/Blade Runner scenario? More at 11…’), and has people well-versed in the these new trends but still with basic humanist sympathies like R.S. Bakker and Nick Bostrom shitting their pants (the boom of AI is, I suppose, most significant in this regard), while other glee over the prospect of eternal salvation from our woes, either through transcendence or extermination. The gist of the Landian approach to these problems is to just ditch the humanist sympathies and embrace the void. What’s alarming in this case, for us regular humanist/religious types is that neo-gnostic, neo-nihilists of this sort are smart cats, and with tech-heads getting ahead in almost every high-paying field of urban life, they are bound to have a decent cash-flow and can be expected to place themselves in positions of considerable influence. Perhaps the only way towards the Singularity is not through sweat and tears, but through maniacal laughter…

    • Malić says:

      I’m aware of Land and did some cursory reading of and about him. As I understand he exercised some influence on Neo-reactionary movement. Interesting how he substitutes “inhumanism” for “posthumanism”.

      Perhaps the only way towards the Singularity is not through sweat and tears, but through maniacal laughter…

      You could put it that way, yes.

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