Dictionary of Alternative Media

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  1. Han Fei says:

    Oh oh a word bank! I want to join! Here are some exciting new civs for the upcoming DLC add on.

    MUSLIMS – Antithesis to everything modern Europe stands for, despite that the far end of the shariah/takfir spectrum embodies everything desired by the far-right.

    JEWS – The efficient source of all evil and the world, despite that categories of what counts as such are product of a false Judeo-Christian morality hoisted upon pagan Aryan Europe. And you too, young Dirlewanger, can stick it to the Jew by overthrowing your kike government, burning down your kosher social institutions, and replacing your (((civic officials))) with mercenaries and operatives of shady NGOs. Then you can create your own little AK-47 ethno-state in the midst of the ruins of your nation plunged in civil war, just like in that shitty FPS MMO everyone plays on Steam.

    SLAVS – Holy defenders of Christian Aryan brotherhood, last stand of traditional European identity. Even though they are a bunch of frozen vodka huffing subhumans that Hitler didn’t get to fuck off to Siberia. Also all Slavs are Russians. No exception. Poles? Russians. Hungarians? Russians. Greeks? Yeah.

    PUTIN – The Pewdiepie of politics. Nobody has any clue how his channel got to be such a hit among the perpetual 12 year old mental age crowd, despite the fact that he’s exactly like every other nonsense churning youtuber.

    ANIME GIRLS – The real cause for which we struggle. “We must secure the existence of 2D in reality and a future for our waifu”.

    DEGENERACY – A word I use to describe everything that I don’t like, but actually meaning everything that I do.

  2. Wahid says:

    You guys owe me a new keyboard!

  3. Chen Hui says:

    Dr. ______ = definite crank, probable crook (bonus points for each additional credential listed during the introduction to their red ice episode)

    geopolitical = armchair
    analyst = opinion-haver

    alt-media left-winger = retweets “counter-semitic” slavs with sunwheel avatars
    alt-media right-winger = “say what you want about the DPRK but at least they’re not ZOG’d”

  4. Don Segundo Sombra says:

    Have you red the following article Branko?:




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