Miscellanea: Of Freaks and Posthumans

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  1. Bojan says:

    This is the first time I’ve come across this great site and wonder what happened to the comments since May? Readers have lost the desire to comment, or comments have been discontinued?

    • Malić says:

      The first option, apparently.

      • Bojan says:

        How sad.:)

        Well, perhaps, in the vortex of military emotion, some cannot swallow the bitter truth that Russia and Putin, neither the rest of its leadership nor any important business owner, are not the good fairies who will defeat the Western Power class. Moreover , they have no different ideas. Even more, they are literally repeating the plans and actions of these Western masters, implementing them and planning even more fantastic things for Russia and its people. And these are some of the development fields that most frighten Westerners, as well as everyone else in the world: genetics, so-called Technocracy, and so-called transhumanism. Maybe posthumanism is a more appropriate term, I’m not sure I can define. But some of the Russians – the ones who found out about the draft, which is expected to be summarized soon; because its announcement was only on a few sites specialized for announcing documentation – are pretty scared; so much so that (it was June) they urge their readers to send to the presidential administration “the letter asking not to sign the decree adopting this strategy, but at the same time instructing the competent authorities to examine how such dangerous anti-human and anti-scientific garbage can be seriously discussed at the state level.”

        Then, on June 14th, “This draft decree is planned not only to approve the strategy, but also to oblige the Government of the Russian Federation to approve within 6 months, in agreement with the Presidium of the council under the president of the Russian Federation for science and education, an action plan for its implementation and to recommend to the state bodies of the constituent entities of the Russian Federation to be guided according to the provisions of the strategy in carrying out their activities in this field, providing for the introduction of the necessary changes in the state programs of the constituent entities of the Russian Federation”.

        So far, I have not heard about progress on the approval of this strategy specifically, but what I am following, purely out of interest and not as a specialty (I am far from these things), is the development on the mentioned topics in Russia, which a large part of the conservative and other groups in the West, and not only there, accepts as an powerful white opponent of the power elite. And this is a great thing: after the start of the so-called special operation, followed by the public termination of relations with the WEF, the Russian technocrats with transhumanist aspirations and plans simply accelerated the digitalization and overall development of these areas immeasurably. With the full support and all necessary signatures of the president, as part of these “developments” are on his own initiative. There’s always something new. And, as for example, on the same day, September 30th, on which the president delivered his famous speech in which he condemned all the evils of the West (which I assume he is right), he quietly signed a decree to create a biometric technology center, which was not minimally reflected in Russia, and was not at all reflected outside Russia. And now, today, “a bill in a series of’ regulatory sandbags ‘ approaching the introduction of monitoring of every Russian activity with biometric data, and at 140 pages (! it was brought into the State Duma by an inconspicuous member of Parliament.”

        I’m not sure you’re interested in that, probably not. I read (quickly) your opinion about the “conspiracy theorists” sites; you’re probably right, I don’t know. You may see the tracing of these developments as a distraction from what is at the fundamental of transhumanismt. I have no idea.:) Even so, I will take advantage of the site’s impressive library to make sense for myself of the combination of what I am following and your in-depth research on posthumanism.

  2. Bojan says:

    My previous comment was divided into paragraphs and I have no idea why the system merged it like this.

  3. Bojan says:

    Branko Malic is not interested. After many years of deep research into the essence of posthumanism, as well as the poisonous role of alternative media, now that there are very real and very close in time conditions for the real realization of direct physical posthumanization (or perhaps I am not expressing myself exactly in the letter of Branko’s law?), by scientific means through high technology, which is carried out because of and through the biggest fraud ever, and precisely because of the phenomenal magic focus of the mass media in partnership with “pro-Russian” and “more neutral” alternative media… Mr. Malic is not interested. perhaps he is (much) below his level; probably, with his keen sense, he immediately recognized “my identification codes,” which is why I fell into one of the broad categories of “alternative readers.” Maybe.:)

    No, Mr. Branko, I am talking about a very real, legal, physical action towards what is simply called transhumanism. (Not for biometrics, it’s essential, but from the “light, low” part.) The strategy, once it is a fact at project level, once it is entrusted to the most elite scientific institutes, will be a decree, very soon. And this is the same thing that you have been talking about for many years.

    There is not much spiritual perspective, not even much room for philosophical existential reflection, just as there is when the knife is on the bone.

    And all this comes in conjunction with perhaps the greatest deception of the organized and coordinated “collective West,” with its real, not nominal, power core, rise of Russia. With an image supported bilaterally by the mass media “bad Putin’s Russia”, which will solidify the faith of the “good seed” in the image of the “light saving Russia”, long and thoroughly painted by the “pro-Russian anti-NATO” and so on. alternative media that are in Turbo mode (paid rich).

    But you, as I see, after years of careful analysis, firmly convinced of the falsity of the alternative media business market, have gone to the country “everything in alternative media is a fraud”, so you will miss out on enjoying this event of biblical proportions. But, on the other hand, you will have the brilliance of your truly magnificent mind, which will survive the brief but very luxurious misunderstanding of the situation. Who sows what he will reap, as they say. Well deserved, Mr. Malich.:)

  4. Bojan says:

    Look, very briefly and unordered, what beautiful quotes from the strategy and comments, at a low level of understanding compared to yours, to some of the – perhaps fake in your opinion – alternative Russian media:

    “The strategy seems absolutely Cosmopolitan and supranational – such a text in support of the implementation of the foundations of transhumanism can be translated into any language and released in any country in the world.

    We should start by explaining the term “convergence”, which has long and often been used by speakers at the World Economic Forum and other digital transformers platforms. This means combining, merging, above all, biological, natural elements with inanimate nature, with modern technologies. This is the key mechanism for “improving the imperfect person,” as transhumanists believe.

    ..Two thousand twenty A government decree approving the list of technologies used in experimental legal regimes in the field of digital innovation… Neural interfaces, machine support for human decision – making (by the way, isn’t it the other way around?), full monitoring and collection of all types of data, as well as predictive and prescriptive Analyses – Vol.well. It will literally merge with a person (which is convergence). The neural network will deal with the” Prevention “of undesirable phenomena from the point of view of the built-in algorithms and will be able to directly” prescribe ” a person how to exist.

    In addition, February 2022. the government’s Commission on economic modernization approved at the federal level a roadmap for lovers of the same convergence man-machine called [censored to annoy Mr. malic;)] . That is, much of what is written in the strategy is actually legalized and will be implemented in the very near future.

    But let’s move on to the content of this wonderful strategy. There we meet important key concepts.:

    “Socio-humanitarian technologies-research processes
    and a change in the spiritual world of the individual in connection with his social functions and manifestations.”

    “a fusion of Sciences and technologies, their methods and approaches, which makes it possible to obtain results that are fundamentally unattainable within each of the convergent Sciences and/or technologies separately. At present, convergent Sciences and technologies include the group of aposematic technologies (nano -, bio -, information, cognitive, socio-human technologies), but the list is open and may be expanded later.”

    The language here is extremely transhumanist, it is not the language of the Exact Sciences – the presentation style itself is convergent, that is, it is a mixture of technology and esotericism (“techno-magic”). By the way, transhumanism in its purest form is just such technological occultism, a belief in the omniscience of dead microschems and digital algorithms. Its adherents see as their task a change in human nature itself, and a radical one – not only on the physical level (dentures, implants, neurointerfacies), but also on the mental, moral and psychological level.

    The strategy seems absolutely Cosmopolitan and supranational – such a text in support of the implementation of the foundations of transhumanism can be translated into any language and released in any country in the world.

    “For the reasonable and effective use of [ … ].. a radical transformation of the consciousness of man himself as a social being is necessary. This is possible only on the basis of combining nano-, bio-, information, cognitive technologies with the achievements of social and Human Sciences and technologies.”

    This is the essence of the transhumanist concept that is reflected in this strategy. They need a “radical transformation of the consciousness of man himself” and, accordingly, a transformation of the whole society. Because the traditional, unwashed consciousness of man rejects their ideas as destructive. It is no coincidence that transhumanism as a philosophical movement is compared to Satanism (among its adherents there are also open worshippers of the devil, for example the American Max Mohr) – in fact, Transformers do not create anything of their own, they set themselves the task of copying, distorting and taking control of the natural world, and technical progress is used as a crutch.”

    And so on. The language, as you can see, Mr malic, is naive and vulgar, far from your category. I don’t know about you, but I would forgive this to the Russians, who see that they will necessarily be transhumanized, written in the presidential draft of a signature of a decree. But, still, in your deep paradigm, they are the core of the wild, dangerous and destructive, invading Russia; so, I suppose, they could not be victims. 😉

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