To Sow the Dragon’s Teeth: Hegel’s Invocation of the Spirit of Modernity, pt.1

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  1. Coco says:

    So it seems this whole “conflict” with Modernity vs. Tradition, at least partially, revolves around question how we conceptualize relation between Origin and Creted/Creation where Traditionalists are concerned to keep “creatures ” -God’s or otherwise -within their “proper” place. Without too much mystifying I hope everyone can agree that might be the central or almost central issue?
    Underlying issue is, also can be said, kind of fear of vanity or pride that can be roused in a “creature ” if it in any sense tried to get in any form of relation towards Supreme other than submissive, secondary, non-contributory so to speak.
    So, the main question is actually this- do we need Traditional God in order to keep in check human Narcissism which inevitably inflates once “God is killed”.
    Without ambition to go deeper in this short comment I would just add an observation that is that I see some peculiar similarity between let’s say “materialistic ” worldview and more Traditional interpretation of the Man’s “position ” in the universe.
    Namely both end up in “non-contributory” or “insignificance ” key. Since,it is impossible to establish ” meaning” within indifferent universe of Atoms, similarly it is quite difficult to explain what Absolute “gets” from bothering with Relative.
    The way out of this unpleasant indifference is idea of “accidental evolution” in materialistic/modernistic key, while in Tradition I suppose we have notions of “Love”, “compassion ” or “mercy” towards the creatures trapped in relative Samsara or Samsara of the relative.
    I see Hegel and some others as basically searching for a third way – that usually offers “participation ” or even equivalence (? gnostic boogieman no-no..) qualitative at least with overall World Process .

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