On Being Discerning and Being Informed: Intellect as a Vehicle of Inner Freedom

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  1. Kyle (Kbone91) says:

    Hi Branko,
    Let me begin by saying that I agree with the distinction you make between information and knowledge and would like to hear more from you about the difference between the two. perhaps even a few words on the genesis of systems theory would be in order? But I wonder how one makes a rational informed choice within the sphere of information? How does one make a rational choice when choosing between or within, various “narratives”. I don’t believe a rational choice is possible when the person is choosing between lies. I also don’t mean to imply that we here in America are more susceptible to this narrative driven worldview than other people in the world. Your masterful expositions on Alexander Dugin, as well as my own superficial research into him and Eurasianism, clearly demonstrate how pervasive this worldview is in the global context. As my favorite philosopher George Carlin said, and I think it applies in a global context, “bullshit is everywhere”. I do wonder what will happen to the concept of bullshit, that is the concept of a lie, and the willingness to pronounce bullshit on something, to indict a lie, when it becomes just another narrative element in a deconstructed information scheme? When postmodernism truly becomes the norm and moves beyond the academic and entertainment spheres, and becomes an ethos for the masses, what then for free will and rational choice?
    In terms of your example of the shooting in Las Vegas, I would add that some of the people in the alt media, as well as the regular folks who think a Soros could create a situation where they set up a mass shooing for some shadowy political end, might not simply be deluding themselves, they might actually be slightly psychotic? You’ve touched on how information overload, and the occurrence of synchronicity can destroy a persons mind. At what point does delusion end, and psychosis begin.
    I welcome your thoughts,

    • Malić says:

      To begin from the end, I saw first hand how people following this “false flag” and “nothing happened” line of reasoning go into mental breakdowns. How serious these breakdowns are, I cannot tell, but they sure as Hell were breakdowns. So we are talking about delusion becoming psychosis, QED.

      In my opinion this is incited by inflation of one’s own ego which is taken as the main subject of knowledge – i.e. it is not about some kind of inherited mental malady or emotional or nervous breakdown, but literary a disease caused by knowledge taken as the mean for connecting everything in the world to oneself.

      That’s what, in principle, makes this “narrative” approach possible, because ‘ego-narrative’ relation is a power relation. Real intellectual knowledge would be the relation where mind assimilates to something that is not in its power to change.

      As for systems theory, I recommend my work on sustainable development. This would be informative: Climate of Fear

      There you have some references to system theory and a link to a “Predicament of Mankind” document by Club of Rome, which is the glaring example of how system’s theory has been applied to impose a world image now being pushed by supra-national entities like UN and even EU.

      As for concept of “bullshit”, I will defend the purity of its meaning with my life, don’t worry about it.

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