Public Burning Out: #Imotski and #OutrageCroatia

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3 Responses

  1. Mihai Marinescu says:

    Glad you tackled the idiotic argument of “we have more important things to worry about”. It was all over the place at our own referendum about gay “marriage”. As if taking as little as half an hour to think about it is going to jeopardize your ability to improve the internal gross income or some other statistical abstraction you think is the center of your life.

    • Malić says:

      I think for most people that argument is just a form of initial denial. I remember when I first started looking into this, not rightly knowing what to make of it, you could find precious little information or analysis on line. You had to work it out by yourself, knowing that you are going against the grain. So 10 years ago I would cut people some slack. But now, when you can just turn on “Good Morning Brittan” and see transsexuals debating whether word “woman” can be applied to “chest feeders” or “natural human females”, there are no excuses. You’re right. Its an idiotic argument.

  2. Robber Chih says:

    Knowledge aspires to universal judgment.

    Liberalism is ideology based on (scientific) theory thus aspires to absolue judgment.

    Drop ordinance on Afghanistan for women’s rights.

    My being is a perverted generalization based on this knowledge.

    I am ultimately reasonable being, all knowing and have no real emotions (or individual existence for that matter).

    I am thoroughly propagandized and have no control over my acts of hatred. My very being depends on eliminating (perceived) disagreement.

    Plato taught that dialectic is about annihilation of your opponent. Not finding truth.

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