LGBTIQ in Perspective, Part 1: Liberalism in Demission

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  1. Robber Chih says:

    This is excellent analysis. Thank you.

    Are we faced with the metastatic experiences of a horde of zealots? That experience which was present in potential in the movement of revelation? i.e. one’s faith will bring about a radical transformation of reality? A la Patriarch Job.
    The reformation has bourne its fruit (again). The “i” became the centre of religious experience and i guess a sacred entity.

    Athens and Jerusalem are two different places, arent they? Philosophical speculation, even mystical, cant hold a candle to the power of moral revelation and “faith”. It’s okay i guess until it becomes centred on the “i” experience.

    In Jung’s lectures on the spiritual exercises he often draws the radical difference between eastern and western “yoga”. The climax of Eastern yoga is “I am atman” which we might construe as gnostic. Whereas in the western tradition one does not experience themselves as Christ or Godhead but in dependednt relation to it.

    Looking forward to part 2. “Soul” is key and so thank you in advance.

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