Warmongering for All Family: Andrew Korybko’s Balkan Expertise

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14 Responses

  1. Akira says:

    Do you find that your paranoid delusions about Alexander Dugin are getting worse and worse?

    Have you experienced nightmares you cannot wake up from?

    Are you losing grip on reality?

    You may suffer from the tragedy of GLENN BECK BRAIN DISEASE!

    Please help us fight this tragic condition and take our test to find out!


    • Malić says:

      I will not block this comment to make a point about rules for discussion on KT.

      If you want to insult me, please go ahead, but it has to be part of a rational argument.

      This idiot does no such thing. He puts few rhetorical questions, implying that I have paranoid delusions, losing the grip, etc. In the end I get compared to Glenn Beck.

      This, of course, serves to disguise the fact that what I wrote about Dugin is a philosophical critique which can be answered only by other philosophical critique (two articles on KT, look them up). On the other hand, the fact that editorial board of Katehon repeatedly endorses articles such as Korybko’s – which is by far not the worst I have read – makes this operation a work of charlatans at best, warmongers at worst.

      Now my would-be-interlocutor doesn’t address any of this – aside from not addressing any of the points of Matija’s argument constituting above post, therefore he leaves me with no alternative but to invite him to take a hike and bother his fellow juveniles.

      As I don’t indulge in debates which require educational sessions about what the debate is, please note that comments of this ilk will be blocked.

  2. Alex says:

    Well, the commenter Akira probably had in mind the indisputable fact that Matija Lukač addressed and attacked Andrew upon the article “Croatia Moves Forces to the Serbian Border“.

    But what author failed to check is – that short article in Katehon was not written by Andrew Korybko at all.
    If author failed to check basic facts like who is the author of attacked text, than what credibility he could gain from the rest of this tirade which was triggered by that article? Therefore this article looks more like personal attack than real analysis.

    Since Matija Lukac failed to distinct facts from his imagination he discredited himself as trustworthy author. I guess he owes a public excuse for this blatant mistake.

    • Malić says:


      If you’re affiliated with Katehon please note that deleting the author’s name just proves how lame and amateurish this project is.Even if you were telling the truth, which you are not, everybody can check out Korybko’s ideas on Serbo-Croatian relations and see that there’s no discrepancy. I thank you, and editors of Katehon, for this valuable lesson. The other time I will be sure to take a screenshot. If anyone wants to judge for himself what kind of people we’re talking about, check out this article, with screenshots:


      • Akira says:

        It isn’t even an “article”, it is a two paragraph news update. I see no evidence that it was written by Andrew at all.

        • Malić says:

          See how it’s easy to construct meaningful sentences, when you make an effort. It was an article and it was undersigned. Doesn’t matter, plenty of other stuff along that line on Katehon.

  3. Matija Lukač says:

    Only imaginations about Croatia comes from Andrew Korybko and people who take that blatant liar and manipulator seriously. And who takes him seriously? Chetniks and ignorant Westerners who are swallowing the worst Serbian nationalist propaganda. Liars don’t deserve any apologies.

  4. Alex says:

    Well I am saying the truth… as far as I saw it – Korybko never wrote just a 2- paragraph article, all of his rants are long and boring. Katehon publish such short infonews which receives from many “in the field reporters” and usually such short news do not have author’s name. So, Matija made a material mistake in his article. Everyone who reads this will know that he either didn’t check the facts or he lied intentionally.

  5. Angelo says:

    The vituperative assignations of makers of sentences, the energy expended in the endeavor of identifying and calling by name the maker of this one or that one, logoi using, usurping, dissipating, suffocating logos, constructing its own deconstruction in its very, and often very-merry-making, making! The world’s too big. Alas, or I’m too small for it.

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