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Taking a Break – So Ask Aunt Kali a Question

To all Kali Tribune readers - we are, unfortunately, making a bit of a pause in publishing that could last to up to two weeks, due to external circumstances. We'll do our best to prove ourselves wrong and manage to publish something in the meantime, but its not something we could promise.

So use we'll use this period to make it up to you by accumulating your questions :

Please, think hard and try to formulate your questions in the comments section, so we can, when this period is over, have an exhaustive answers sessions in podcast and, hopefully, written form.


Directives to Commentariat: Answers to Comments and Questions

KT answers to moist poignant and interesting comments and questions. The subjects covered range from the idea of total knowledge or "world image", sustainable development, Club of Rome founding document "Predicament of Mankind" to discussion of whether there's only one Globalization, the reach of Russian influence in alt media, nature of "alternative research" and its inherent nihilism, video game nature of "alt media" covering the war in Syria, mirage of geopolitics, etc.

The shortest post ever 0

The shortest post ever

The shortest post ever. All you'll ever need to know about genocides and crunching numbers. Kali Tribune is an unsentimental website so this is all old Kali has to say for Srebrenica. Would have gladly skipped it, but since everyone has something to say ...