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A Most Hideous Strength: Counter-Initiation and Subversive Politics in C.S. Lewis’ Imaginarium

In this analysis of C.S. Lewis' novel That Hideous Strength, Mihai Marinescu provides us with a whole range of insights on posthumanism, counter-initiation, mass media, conspiracy culture and much more. Lengthy, exhaustive and not to be missed - just the way we like it on Kali Tribune.


Transcendent Men: Hegel and Posthumanism (pt.3)

In the third and final podcast we sum up the meaning of Hegelian dialectics and it's analogies to Posthumanism.

While Hegelian philosophy, like all philosophy of Modernity, suffers from unbridgeable gap it digs between humanity and the world, posthumanism revels in the abyss it digs between narcissistic individual and everything else, both humanity and the world.


Transcendent Men: Hegel and Posthumanism (pt.1)

As Hegel’s name for some reason pops up every now and then in “alternative” information nodes, there is a need to provide a substantial explanation of who Hegel was and what his dialectics was all about. While popular moniker “Hegelian dialectics” as social engineering is meaningless, there is a sinister side to Hegel’s project of absolute science, which brings him surprisingly close to “transcendent men” of our days: posthumanists.

Dweller in the details 0

Dweller in the details

Truth be told, if we are to paraphrase the classical Bernay’s definition, public mind as dynamic plenum of images, attitudes and paroles by which the elite canalizes the activity of certain collective, is always suffering a bit of high temperature. In that sense the term “mind” should be taken cum grano salis, because the spectacle dangerously resembles the public debate among Teletubbies: mass of grownups, led by media conchos who just fell from Mars, fights for the right of every human being to it’s hole in the ground under the grinning sun.

A perfect murder 5

A perfect murder

Posthumanist avant garde's teaching on self love is in fact murder by logic. That's what you get when singularity is all too near.

To live and to die in penultimate times 0

To live and to die in penultimate times

Sometimes it is nice to watch the other falling into the abyss. As the developed West acts out it's "Untergang", many ex-Yugoslavs congratulate themselves for being not-so-western and safe from tripping over the precipice. Well, tough luck "zemljaci". Read about how Yugo-nostalgia can be a legitimate way to dive, head first, into abyss of end-times.