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Ad Barbaris

We interrupt the practice of publishing exclusively our original content and nick the extract from the book length series of interviews Cardinal Robert Sarah gave to French author Nicholas Diat. Although, in religious matters, we rarely address the problems of contemporary Church directly, prefering instead to bring out the positive content of Christian Tradition and simultaneously address the proverbial signs of the times as we see them in accordance with our mainly philosophical expertise, this time around we cannot pass on the opportunity to express admiration for a man who does both of these things with clarity that we would be hard pressed to match, even from our comfortable, marginal, position of much freedom and zero influence. As the text is multilayered and at few points Cardinal's wording is especially succint in addressing some of the ills we've been writing of at length, readers can expect commentary to follow.

Brand New Testament – Analysis of the papal encyclical Laudato Si 0

Brand New Testament – Analysis of the papal encyclical Laudato Si

Papal encyclical “Laudato Si” is a proclamation of future “Covenant of man with environment”. What does it mean? Knowing that Christianity already has a pretty obligatory Covenant with Someone else, Kali Tribune’s Department of Inquisition and Bad Theology Removal was tasked to solve the mystery. Gaia Akbar! We figured it out. Spare some of your precious time to read fairly detailed analysis of the document announcing the birth of the Church of Sustainable Development